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Camas Valley School
197 Main Camas Road
Camas Valley, OR  97416

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Registration Week

August 10th-13th 8am-4pm

Preschool Open House


First Day of School

Monday, August 31st

Open House

Wednesday, September 9th, 5-7pm

Come and meet the teachers!




For info on Boxtops for Education


Making A Splash

Thanks and kudos go out to Mr. Naugle and Mr. Bringhurst for taking the plunge on the last day of school!  Thanks also go to all of those who clipped and saved their BoxTops and turned them in.  There were 1736 BoxTops brought in for this competition for a total of $173.60. The Bringhurst Race To The Tank raised $44.75.  Votes for this race were made with $$$ and the final decision as to who was to be dunked was decided by $0.13.

BoxTop Results for Race To The Tank

 Mr. Naugle  earned the honors to make a splash with 1322 votes while Mrs. Fisher had 414 votes. This was probably due in great part to Mrs. Fisher’s massive poster campaign (and possibly some bribes).  Mrs. Hutchins’ class turned in 516 BoxTops for 1st place and the opportunity for the 1st 3 throws at Mr. Naugle.  Mrs. Grant’s class turned in 370 BoxTops for 2nd  place which earned them throws 4 and 5.  Mrs. Carkhuff’s class was 3rd with 309 BoxTops, Ms. Neeld’s class was 4th with 299 BoxTops, and Mrs. Pope’s class was 5th with 223 BoxTops.

Total raised with BoxTops for the year $577.50!!!!!
Thank you for clipping those BoxTops.  Keep on clipping and stay tuned for next year's competitions.


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School Board Meeting/Budget Hearing
Thursday, June 18, 2015
7:00 pm in the library 

Budget Hearing Notice

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Expanded Options Notification Letters
2014-2015 Juniors and Seniors Expanded Options Notification Letter.docx


Superintendent's message on new graduation requirements   

Mr. Lee talks about Celebrate Attendance Awareness Month on KQEN podcast 9/23/14

(will need to scroll down to Inside Douglas County 9/23)

Equal Educational Opportunity

Every student of the district will be given equal educational opportunities regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, color, national origin, disability, marital status.


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